KYC Annual General Meeting - Takes place 6th July

The Kingdom Youth Club Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 6 July at 7.30pm and everyone aged 13+ is invited to attend. The purpose is to elect a KYC Board whose duty will be to safeguard the interests of the members by ensuring that Governance, Premises, Finances & Leadership are fit for purpose; it is not Board members’ role to supervise activities on a nightly basis. The Board meets once a month, a role on the Board may suit an older person or parent who wants to help but does not want to be involved on a daily basis with face to face youth work.

Notice Board

Friday 26 August

8.30pm Senior Member Activities (aged 13+).


Monday 29 August

11am Men’s Shed; 9pm Lotto


Tuesday 30 August

6pm Irish Dancing