Peer educators

EA are very keen to recruit young people form the widest spectrum of the community to train as peer educators. Peers recruited and trained will be given the opportunity to work alongside youth work staff in delivering and supporting participants on this year’s TBUC Camps.


The TBUC Camps are happening all over the southern area and at different times, EA are hoping to build a team of young people who will be experienced and committed to delivering cross community experiences and opportunities to further encourage the ongoing peace building that addresses the tensions that remain in our community.


Applicants should have experience of youth work programmes, have shown leadership ability and be interested in working within cross community groups.


Selection will be carried out from amongst the applicants to ensure that the final group is a balanced group of Catholic and Protestant participants as much of the training will be of an experiential basis and therefore requires that EA ensure such a balance of outlooks and views. Anyone interested contact the YC.

Notice Board

Friday 26 August

8.30pm Senior Member Activities (aged 13+).


Monday 29 August

11am Men’s Shed; 9pm Lotto


Tuesday 30 August

6pm Irish Dancing