Volunteer Recognition event at Dunavil

Kingdom YC/An Riocht GAA will hold a joint Volunteer Recognition event at Dunavil as part of the thirty-second annual Volunteer Week celebrations on Thursday 9th June at 7.30pm. Our organisations could not operate without volunteers, they are the local heroes who help us provide vital services to this community, their dedication and hard work deserves to be recognised in this way. Wendy Osborne CEO Volunteer Now, who attended the last such event at Dunavil, said ‘I am delighted that so many organisations are taking part in this year’s Volunteer Week celebrations. It marks the positive impact volunteers make on the lives of people and communities. Many organisations could not deliver the services they offer without volunteers. Likewise, the stories of volunteers, what they do and why they got involved provides inspiration for us all.’

Our Summer Scheme takes place in July & August, if you think you might want to help with the summer activities or just want to know more, tell us asap. Some free training that would be useful:
Get Ahead with Cred Friday 10 June/Saturday 11th June

Participants will learn the concept and meaning of Community Relations work; the skills knowledge and competence required for developing a community relations programme; understand the process required to develop a community relations programme.
TOPS Activity Training Thursday 16 June
TOPS sports sessions use the contents of the TOPS sports bag to show how to run fun and easy sports and activity sessions. This is a fun practical workshop full of ideas for games, sports and activities. The course is very hands-on so you'll need to be ready to take part in a variety of games, activities & sports. The course covers games that can be played by a wide range of age levels and are suitable for small groups or big groups.
Introduction to Volunteering for Summer Schemes 29th & 30th June and 1st July
This programme enables young people to be recruited and trained as volunteers and placed with youth workers to assist with Summer Schemes. This is an excellent opportunity for young people wishing to enhance their employability skills, gain valuable work experience and receive a recognised award.

This course will cover the following broad topic areas: introduction to youth work; roles of volunteers; why volunteer; guidelines for safe working; activities to use with young people; placement opportunities.
Minor Games Wednesday 29 June

To gain hands on experience of various games for young people.

If interested in any of these or just want to know more contact the club asap, we are here to help.

The last of the Community Pharmacy nights will take place on Wednesday 15th June at 7pm.

Notice Board

Friday 26 August

8.30pm Senior Member Activities (aged 13+).


Monday 29 August

11am Men’s Shed; 9pm Lotto


Tuesday 30 August

6pm Irish Dancing